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Here you may find the trading information of APB Apranga shares with 20 minutes delay. More information on APB Apranga shares and trading you can find at NASDAQ Vilnius website. The share capital of APB Apranga is EUR 16,034,668.40 and it is divided into 55,291,960 ordinary registered shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.29 each,  where each share grants to its owner 1 vote (in total 55,291,960 voting shares), all shares are paid in full and give the owners equal rights.

Opening price, EUR0,782,091,452,132,622,642,582,592,541,602,111,822,042,162,67
Highest price, EUR2,302,092,162,722,943,002,682,772,642,172,292,102,582,963,06
Lowest price, EUR0,741,161,452,112,462,562,432,501,571,561,251,681,642,122,67
Last price, EUR2,071,452,132,602,622,582,572,531,602,111,801,932,162,663,02
Turnover, mln. units11,184,415,599,604,955,156,133,233,804,955,192,549,303,960,97
Turnover, mln. EUR14,527,3010,0024,1013,3513,7715,548,468,318,768,554,6819,5510,232,80
Capitalization, EUR *114,5180,39117,77143,76144,86142,65142,10139,8988,47116,6799,53106,71119,43147,08166,98

* At the end of the period