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Investor calendar

Here you can find important investors-related events in APB Apranga in the future. Please note that the dates given are only preliminary and may change corresponding to circumstances and board’s decisions.

03.01.2024Retail turnover in December 2023
01.02.2024Retail turnover in January 2024
28.02.2024Interim information for 12 months 2023
01.03.2024Retail turnover in February 2024
02.04.2024Retail turnover in March 2024
03.04.2024Notice on General shareholders' meeting
26.04.2024Interim information for 3 months 2024
30.04.2024Resolutions of the General shareholders' meeting
30.04.2024Annual information for 2023
02.05.2024Retail turnover in April 2024
03.06.2024Retail turnover in May 2024
01.07.2024Retail turnover in June 2024
26.07.2024Interim report for six months 2024
01.08.2024Retail turnover in July 2024
02.09.2024Retail turnover in August 2024
01.10.2024Retail turnover in September 2024
29.10.2024Interim report for nine months 2024
04.11.2024Retail turnover in October 2024
02.12.2024Retail turnover in November 2024