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Each year (except 2008, 2009 and 2019,2020) the Company has paid dividends although there is no officially approved dividend policy.

Dividends will be paid to the shareholders who at the end of the tenth business day following the day of the Annual General Meeting that adopted a decision on dividend payment. The Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Companies provides that dividends are to be paid within one month from the day of making a decision on allocation of the profit.

Paid out dividend per share (EUR)0,14480,13000,12000,16000,17000,13000,00000,0000 0,50000,28000,2400
Paid out dividend amount (EUR)8.006.8297.187.9556.635.0358.846.7149.399.6337.187.9550027.645.98015.481.74913.270.070